PHOTO: Students are back— pay operators diligently

LONG DISTANCE— Student travel is a core part of many communities’ commuting patterns. Now that schools are open and universities are running into the 2nd Semester travel patterns are not only back to normal, but they show the importance of education related mobility. This goes for households with children— you’re all back to the daily routine of either using a scholar transport service, giving kids money for public transport daily or weekly, or driving them around between your complex daily trips. Access to education is much less about fees, and more about the culture around modifying behaviors of children and adults into a creative, assertive and productively empathetic state.

A brief visit to the long distance taxi rank in Mahikeng is a wonderful reminder, not of my commutes as a student, but of the journeys these operators—mostly men—take on. It’s a tough business. Now with eternally increasing fossil energy prices it’s only viable for them to increase their vehicle sizes if not consider getting into other transport modes. If your household has a scholar transport service agreement in your local area, now is the time to pay the operator more diligently than ever. Nevertheless, perhaps a focus on recapitalization is necessary now. It would certainly solve 1/10 problems over the next 10 years. It could also restore a new hope for all.

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