Hlulani.com is about conquering. It’s a thought journal on topics around and about mobility and access and much of the things in between. It also serves as a catalogue of things I participate in or find interesting. Here, I share my views on topics, and sometimes make mistakes– feel free to contact me if you need updates or need to make corrections or clarity.

About Ofentse Hlulani Mokwena

Towns and cities are places for people, values and common unity. Lately writing and speaking more often on and about transportation industries, planning, access and mobility. Areas of research that fascinate me are related to decision making and evaluation in the transportation and logistics economics sphere. What is preoccupying me lately is understanding travel behaviour and how preferences are formed. I teach transport policy, rail and air transport studies and supporting local, district and provincial government with my growing expertise (and learn from them). Lastly, I enjoy contributing to the media as an expression of academic citizenship across various national radio stations, forums and other platforms.

My passion for creative mobility and access work comes from being seeing the shift from home to city by minibus taxi as a child. The world exploded across canvas and in my eyes|with colour, contours– men I grew up around drove Ga-Rankuwa to life. It’s interesting to remember, because the taxi driver was smoking a cigarette, sound-aloud, in the vehicle at the time. 

Understanding student travel preferences in Mahikeng: A Hybrid Choice Modelling approach within the Theory of Planned Behaviour

A working paper encompassing parts of this study was presented at the International Choice Modelling Conference in April 2017 with the title ‘Estimating Student Travel Preferences in Mahikeng: A Latent Class Approach Based on Behavioural Indicators‘. This was sponsored by the PTV Group which featured us in a short article ‘From pedal cycling in Kenya to bus demand in Johannesburg’. Thereafter, an updated version of the working paper was presented at the Southern African Transport Conference in July of the same year (although not listed in the program).

Speaking Engagements

Panelist at 3rd Non-Motorised Transport Conference, 2019

The focus of this conference was to support the development of NMT in South Africa, through various initiatives. Our panel discussed research and development opportunities within the context of NMT. A full piece can be found in the full overview of the session and in a summary of my talk Disruptive technologies and the future of non-motorised transport.

Participating in a Learner Transport Safety Summit, 2019

In this sitting, I was asked to prepare for a panel discussion on the future of learner and scholar mobility in the South African context and the rural areas around the North West Province. The forum resulted in a new paradigm of practice for learner transport mobility.

Oral and Written Presentation at the Competition Commission Inquiry into Land Passenger Transport 2018

In this sitting I presented the case for much more comprehensive investigations into the competitive environment for land passenger transport in South Africa, by accounting for various sectors which are influenced by the sector. The submission is available and is in the public record.

Establishing Transport Components in the North West Province 2016– Current

The largest limitation to effective transport planning and implementation in South Africa is a lack of local departments of transport which regulate, manage and coordinate local needs. I have been part of the Transport Components Task Team since 2016, and we have been working to establish components and devolve functions. Currently we are finalising a series of guidelines for this purpose. This can be applied on a national level too.

Member of the Provincial Transport Forum 2015—Current

The PTF is a body which coordinates the quarterly meeting of all stakeholders in the transportation sector of the North West Province. My role is to make valuable inputs to issues raised and identify potential opportunities.

Member of the Freight Working Group 2018—Current

Managing freight transport at a provincial level is a challenging and multisectoral task. In my capacity as a researcher, I contribute to the discussions through empirical evidence and presentations to the working group about and around freight transport in Southern Africa and in the North West Province.

Presented at the Bafokeng Taxi Owners Association Forum 2017

By invitation, my role was to present on the investment opportunities and developments directed at the North West Province with respect to Mmabatho International Airport. The presentation focused on regional development and the role of the province, and thus “shifting the paratransit value chain”. SABC News covered this event.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is written in my personal capacity, it does not, and should not be considered as the view of any other entity, organisation, institution or otherwise. I, or any associated entity will not be liable for any direct or indirect errors, effects, impacts of the work presented here.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good day Mr Mokwena.
    I am Fikile Dlamini,i am working at Bossd Radio Maf,an online radio station.
    I am from the news department and would like to interview you concerning the taxi industry.(if the there is still a future for the industry,how is it different from 10 years ago,etc)
    You nay send me an email confirming the date and time for the interview.
    Wr are hoping for a positive response
    Kind regards
    Fikile Dlamini


    1. Dear Fikile

      Thank you for reaching out. Please send your email to build(at)hlulani(Dot)com for further correspondence.


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