PHOTO: Shunting gratitude

SHUNTING GRATITUDE— Shunting is the process of moving train wagons in order to coordinate and connect them to their respective locomotives to form a train, or to dismantle one. We do this a lot in our lives and the level of gratitude required to recognize this process is in many ways challenging to grasp without the appropriate intention to do so.

There’s so much to share about gratitude and embracing the fortunes we have all around us. In one week, my students turned from being candidates to representing a well of wealth waiting to overflow. At which point I was responding to my Mother’s provocative exposure to Patrick Awaua which she shared with me. Took a risk and argued that the train station in Mahikeng needs to be confronted often. My intentions began to change more robustly than ever before. I believe in building people and places, but the intention— it’s power and requirements— was so intimidating.

One very busy week I took a chance, asked the train station staff if they could come on board and explore the station with our students around. This is at the end of the semester, module done, examinations looming. It was a tough time. Yet, here they are. Some say it was worth it, others felt it was like any other day. To me, this was a whole new day: nothing ever looked the same again since. Maybe I’ll share the full movie 🎥 on my birthday 🎁-, meanwhile: “Every society must be intentional about educating its leaders.”—Patrick Awaua, 2007.

Here’s the link to the talk:

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