Intaprise Initiative

Beyond industrial revolutions

Forming businesses in South Africa is not linear, and young people sometimes don’t have the mentorship space to pursue their ambitions. The Intraprise Initiative is a space for idea creation, sharing and practical exchange to realise implementation.

At the heart of this system is not only knowledge sharing but implementing, clarifying and deepening the practical feasibility of unique, special and talent oriented evidence based projects.

The main aim of this initiative is to encourage direct peer mentorship, knowledge sharing and exchange to enhance and enrich the perception of possibility. It is further designed to encourage deeper analysis of economic, development and labour issues beyond industrial revolutions.

Fellows who are involved in this initiative are dynamic individuals with ideas that have the potential to revitalise development, encourage investment and stimulate new skills and measures of organisational performance.

The initiative brings small-businesses, innovative individuals working full-time jobs, and students together in one space for deeper engagements and practical results. A list of selected fellows will be presented on this page, their projects, profiles and initiatives too. Stay tuned.

If you are interested in being part of this initiative, and you’re keen on contributing, book a mentorship session.