Rethinking University Drive

This project connects operators, users, students and small retailers in a mixed format of planning and dialogue.


The role of our University is to serve as a document conduit of knowledge, expertise and experience. It should be an incubator of explosive expression breaking through old norms — not manufacturing cogs for the office blocks.


The role of the public sector is to assist in warranting interventions that develop a sustainable University Drive for transport, retail, culture and activity to take place.

Rethinking the capital outlay, attracting and retaining more than student life. Perhaps stimulating a precinct of new styles of living along the Masonic symmetries of Lucas Mangope’s public offices.


Invited stakeholders include

  • Micro-Retail
  • Public Transport
  • Municipal
  • Traffic Office
  • Town Planning
  • Students
  • Expertsd

There is a complex web of new and old activity. Many students pick lower hanging fruit here; some bring groceries from a kilometer away.

Trolley pushers hold the cargo movement here;

Fruity feeders stand next to magwenya sales; kotas and cooks across the street.

Answering questions

How can taxi operations improve in this intersection?

How do we enable better movement for all modes along University Drive?

What land-use changes need to take place in order to activate the space?

Here is a short clip to give you some perspective:

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