#Podcast 7: Cycling culture in Khayelitsha with Sindile Mavundla

SINDILE MAVUNDLA: Founder and Director of Khaltsha Cycles takes a shot at selfies. Visit their website here: www.khaltshacycles.co.za

Cycling in townships like Khayelitsha, is an opportunity for mobility and access interventions that are close to home. Is cycling an option for a township that is located so far from a CBD that the first criticism could lend itself to this distance? Or are townships development hubs to attract new commerce, business, industry and culture? From the iconic Dynamite Diepkloof Dudes, to building a cycling community at neighbourhood level, Sindile Mvundla takes us through his personal, professional and people oriented transitions. As an avid Avalanche rider himself, this conversation reorientates much of the doubts about building a cycling culture in townships. Through training, engagement and a ‘human approach’, we untangle some interesting themes for future conversations.

The episode is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so search “Just Transport Podcast” and tune in there.

This conversation came just after, or at least in parallel with the note about how the industrial side of the cycling industry could thrive through incentives. There is so much to explore in this area of development, and with townships as a focus, I suspect that this could be among the many other industries that unlock genuine reforms, and reintegrate space.

Sindile recommends

Cycling Cities: The Johannesburg Experience by Njogu Morgan

Order a copy from the publisher here.

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