PODCAST #3: People oriented transport planning and practice: Transport Truths with Nahungu Lionjanga and Rozina Myoya

Nahungu Lionjanga and Rozina Myoya run an honest commuter insight movement that captures what charts can’t: Transport Truths. In their recent TEDx Talk they describe their purpose toward people beyond inputs in statistical models. Transport speaks a number of truths about society, culture and place. All of this interwoven with values, dignity and spirit. Where we stand, where we go and how we get there are inherently informed by the “why” which drives what a purposeful existence is all about. Customers, commuters, passengers, people— are essentially human. Today’s guests, listen in to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”, to kick of the discussion. We talk through commuter sensitivity, intelligent cities and the human values which should guide transport policy and planning.

PS: the Just Transport Podcast is now on iTunes!

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