To ride a bike in a suit

If you really want to wear something with heritage, try a modern story– a living style that you can walk through daily. Here we have LOSMEICHERIE an afro-retro brand by DNA, with a few decades of self-taught craftwork on denim and fabric. Starting off with denim patchwork and dreadlocks when JACARANDA FM made waves in townships, to unique retro-wear based on 60s-70s sports and streetwear. Shifting through the Matric Dance designs (high school farewells) and custom cut fittings from drawing, measurements to sourcing, selecting, cutting and sewing unique and distinct bespoke designs. At this point GQ, VOGUE, EMPORIO ARMANI and other relatively rare magazines of local and international style were everywhere and part of the stitching.

It’s no secret that the future of towns and cities is coming on foot, it’s probably a good idea to dress up for it.

INSTAGRAM opened up the floodgates to incorporate TSAKANE MANGANYE’s visual art talents through PHOTOGRAPHY and his live life attitude through HIKING and BUSINESS. Based in GA-RANKUWA a small regional town outside of PRETORIA which hosts two university campuses; an industrial facility for people with disabilities; and a community based early age development program (YMCA). A neighbourhood dubbed “LOSMEICHERIE” which is short for ‘leave my girl’ resonates with the territorial nature of township life in the 60s to 90s. Fertile ground for talent, the town now hosts a TAILOR who has global footprints in sight. It’s okay to wear a good suit in any occasion, but not all the time. That’s LOSMEICHERIE.

MOBILITY as a design culture is unlimited. To ride a bike in a suit means to be comfortable, safe and secure to interact with the town space without inhibition. It says something about the kind of SIDEWALKS that keep shoes durable and clean and while feet feel comfortable. To take a SKATEBOARD down the neighbourhood outline says something about the roadway, the space and security necessity to accommodate such a dynamic mode. Whether crossing over ZEBRA-LINES or sitting in the DRIVERS SEAT, ensure a durable and comfortable mobility lifestyle that good PLACEMAKING can preserve. It’s no secret that the future of towns and cities is coming on foot, it’s probably a good idea to dress up for it.

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