NOTE: Making places that bring perspective

LYON– Continuing the story behind a visit to the relatively small town of Lyon, France demands that I scramble through a ton of fractured notes. In this instance, the deliberate horizons, leading lines and floating mirror intrigued me. Down the extended stairs, which also serve as benches is this wet mirror with a few boats drooling over ripples as they propel forward. Somehow, the border between this medium sized shopping/lifestyle complex and high density design precinct blurs very important lines. In a sense, the concrete blocks frame one’s line of sight. However, on foot the blocks fade and the tones, mountain-scape greens lean over to the front–sentimentally reflected in the mirror. These mountains keep older buildings which seem to host the cloud-like edges of the shopping precinct (left) and the modern cubist and mixed material faces (right). A strange juxtaposition that is very infatuating: past and future, vintage and modern, cubes and formlessness. The more time spent here, the more the concrete fades, the tarmac melts and every spot becomes and interesting (if not romantic) sitting. Without the need to shop, the location retains its historic and aesthetic value. Seeing the high-speed paint through this horizon line over the bridge is probably mind altering (if you’re like me). It maybe an engineering flair, but hiding the industrial and logistics sides that roam behind the curtains is what makes this place even more illusive. The lines, hidden, reflected or publicly placed carry with them a line of sight that just brings perspective. Very cubic, yet out of form.

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