PHOTO: Vryburg Airstrip

VRYBURG AIRSTRIP— Over a vast land, gravel entry and dusty dry greens is an airstrip. This is only a snapshot of part of the apron, not the strip itself. In the distant left is a dilapidated control tower with hangars nearby. Visiting this town and seeing an airstrip stripped away like this made me sense the opportunity in the air. After the passing of its formers, people passing by told me stories of how they would hear aircrafts landing and taking off. Some even said it used to be a busy place and one of the hangers had refrigerating capacity for meats. Dreaming again—what we could do to this airport.

These smaller airstrips are crucial for Africa’s development. Not only could they bring goods to market, but also connect people to the task of development. There’s much more opportunity here than anywhere else. All the structural collapses are indicative of an expired set of growth oriented frameworks and the need to focus more deeply on development.

#airport #development #airlines #ruralairports #aviation #africarising #airlinecatering #meatdistribution #logistics #airstrips

A view of the control centre and bar.
The airstrip and it’s wonder.
Apron and hangars.
Control centre and bar.

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