PHOTO: Energy stations—not petrol

ENERGY STATIONS– The future is not as distant as many might argue. It’s derived from various techniques we use to navigate the world. If the future is consistent with patterns of the past then the past could be a good place to start. However, if the future is a question of multifaceted manifestation– what we term “disruption”– then there’s a deep need to observe the kernels. Every sector has its fundamentals: transportation is derived from a need to access something, not necessarily movement– which is partly composed of mobility. Petroleum is useful for a certain time of movement technology and the energy it converts in order to be animated, this is traded at a price across a long supply chain between extraction, distribution and processing. Fundamentally it’s energy. The future of energy is profoundly diverse, almost as diverse as the future of transport. One of the hardest question is not the future price, but the magnitudes of value these sectors will be driven by. This is an issue of manifestation. Companies today must diversify their pallet and enter vertical and horizontal sectors because the barriers to entry are becoming thinner and thicker at the same time. Between Rustenburg and Pretoria, a newly constructed energy station is leaning toward providing parking for electric vehicles and potentially charging them. While a number of major energy stations have been procured by smaller business holdings, one can not miss the fact that the energy sector is prime for franchises in the African market.

Where the future of energy prices may well be about recovering sunk-costs, it could potentially be free to travel a substantial portion of your kilometers. The only real costs are system costs– ranging from maintenance, wear and tear if not battery replacement costs (unless if we use glass based solutions). Seeing this development is not alarming. Everyone who runs a “petrol station” and has asked me for input I’ve said to them simply: prepare to go electric. This just reaffirmed 1% of my truth: energy stations have landed.

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