PHOTO: Supply chain choir

SUPPLY CHAIN CHOIR—Today was the South African Production and Inventory Control Society (SAPICS) Young Professional Conference. Being part of the group to attend this extraordinary experience was fulfilling. The sessions had Chief Executives, Students, Graduates and Talent Leaders discuss the present and future of work in the supply chain sector. Major takehomes involve the idea that network systems are the future of work. Both technology and human competencies are crucial to activate the potential embedded in innovation. The human touch is critical for the appropriate selection and implementation of effective solutions to service problems that add value to clients. Nurturing yourself as a thematic area was a recurring theme in the back talks— do the ground work, know how business works, know the basics, make the copies and stand out with the hardest questions in the room. At the same time, be absolutely clear that you’re constantly creating yourself and that vision gets clearer the more it’s muscles practice. Competencies seem to be equivalent to skills; and talent needs to be reinforced by work ethic and consistency. From the sessions it’s rather clear that everyone who spoke, be it from Transnet Ltd to trackmatic to Unilever: a portfolio of evidence is essential! Take initiative, make the moves, build on where you are and stand out— that’s the win.

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