PHOTO: Fake Quantum Mechanics

NOSEWEEK BLEEDS— “If you know what to look for you will spot them all over South Africa: Toyota Quantum fake minibus taxis which are actually illegally converted Toyota Quantum panel vans that were designed to carry goods, not passengers. Somehow, with official sanction, these vans bypassed the safety standards and specifications that are compulsory for any passenger vehicles licenses to drive on South Africa’s roads.”—Susan Puren, August 2018, Noseweek

The complexity of poor market regulation is that we are not reflecting the truth behind managing and coordinating justice. Maybe mobility is not as simple as buses and taxis and trains. Maybe we should expand our point of view regarding what transportation truly is.

#publictransportcrisis #publictransport #proudlysouthafrican #minibustaxi #minibustaxifake #noseweek #passengertransport

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