PHOTO: Sandton Bike Lane Festival of Politics

SANDTON— Leading up to and after the EcoMobility Festival Sandton went through a revival in terms of mobility options for all incomes traversing through the high income per capita district. One of the things worth noting about the NMT Route is that it’s absolutely disconnected but the puzzle pieces are there waiting to be put together. The general quality of the infrastructure is good, but it’s only workable in certain areas. Along this route most people who do cycle are employed in low income service and construction sectors. Some could ask why Sandton and not Alexandra for the festival since most people in the “location” have a low carbon footprint. That’s actually the point, they already have a low carbon footprint why bother? I believe we should bother because making sure that sustainable behavior is sustained could be much easier and more impactful than getting the 25% to get out of their cars for one precinct. May those stuck in traffic be stuck in traffic? Sandton is fascinating. An example of complex political economic dynamics at play.

#sandton #iphoneography #investnorthwest #bikelane #urbanscape #landscape #cycling #proudlysouthafrican

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