In many ways the visual escape reflects some of the hardest questions underlying reality. Our spirits carry inspiration, that’s why we aspire as much as we perspire. It’s second nature to receive information from the other highways. Bring light and heal as we all learn to listen between the chaos and order in our lives.

When life suddenly reveals itself as intense, gripping and meaningful; when time passes and you’re so engrossed in what you’re doing you don’t notice– it’s there and then that you are located precisely on the border between order and chaos. — J B Pieterson, pg 43, 12 Rules of Life

In many ways there’s a degree of tatter but it’s the grip that binds us to ourselves, and whatever else we focus on. To what extent does the presence of self-intimidating behavior dominate the corners we hide from grip? There’s something about loss that gives so much else when listening to the detailed tear writing through the canvas and etching itself into this brown skin. This pile of dust bearing walking mists, between the ‘small’ i and the ‘big’ I. When will the quantum question be of so much importance that it animated itself and wraps its arms around your swollen body like a tree branching from an Idoto inspired spine? In all honesty, few can truly tell the time very well–we’re bad at the past and absent in the moment. It’s just a relief that now more than ever there’s something worth grasping where the ink tries to reach. Message received Mane.

#art #pensketch #blackpen #snapseed #iphoneography #awakening #transcendence #higherorder #listen #africanart #proudlysouthafrican #hlulaniart

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