Travel demand management for SA cities: An essay on managing externalities

This is a piece I wrote in 2014 during the ‘Managing Transport Demand and Supply’ course at UCT. As per usual, expect typos and trashy language.

In this essay Travel Demand Management aims to redress the negative externalities caused by the increasing vehicle kilometers traveled of private vehicles, in the face of transit benefits. These negative externalities are reflected in their impact on travel behavior, land-use, public and non-motorised travel mode shares and roadway capacity use. The essay aims formulate a policy recommendation by outlining:

a) The car as a culture of feeling, ownership and aspiration;

b) System and user oriented Travel demand management (TDM) priorities for South African cities;

c) The relationship(s) between improving roadway capacity and the public transport system in order to meet these TDM priorities; and

d) Alternatives to lock-in positive externalities from TDM interventions in order to redress unintended impacts.

The essay concludes with a conceptual policy framework for the South African city. This is to enable a system-shift and management in travel related resources (in monetary and temporal terms) that equitably allocate efforts to public, NMT and HOV transport as major priorities for the South African city.

Here’s the link to the full essay: click here

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