Creative Pricing & the Poverty of Experience

How much is a decent price for enabling creatives to bask in the sun of affording to look for inspirational experiences through loving or equipment?

With some thought a question like this only makes any itching stunt-human wonder how much televisions; cinema; films; digital downloads, and performances are worth paying for. This is important because many melanated families have become so neglective of the arts that they’d rather buy a television than invest in taking children to experiences. Not all should require much, other than well versed expressions that can in fact afford being well versed.

Image: Picture of one of my paintings titled: ‘Ba Ba Bedi Ba”, 2014 (overpaint) — 2016 completion (varnish 2016/2017).

BEING WELL VERSED can be expensive if artists aren’t not out to climb on an expressive highway and dive into their deepest recesses and explode with skill and a level of divinity. There’s a definite level of connection that is necessary here between the highway driver and the passenger’s high. The irony is that both trips are reciprocal: the paint is driven by the colour living around it; the words assemble stethoscopes to sense the orchestra pulsing through us all; the movement and sound slipping and clapping a humming hymn folding the earth we stand on; live from. All of these come at host of sacrifices offering nothing but options veiled by choice condom wraps.

WHAT THOSE LOOKING FOR A RIDE are looking for is an experience. Over the years experience has been evolving in such a way that it’s commodification increases as the constant replication increases. The cinema, a social gathering of like minds, evolved into an Shabati of downloads.

Image: Shabati 1292- 1190

MUSIC evolved into compactions and replications in concerto and even more so loud terror. Hospitality is turned into food chains shackled up our throats choking smiles out of staff trying to offer customer service — frustrating experience. The creative is everywhere: which is important; but has no real place to go catch a ride. Melanated household today may be better off searching for unique experiences that elevate them higher that the food and alcohol consumer tradition.

Elevating our melanated tastes should expand our appetites and stimulate various ways to deepen our sense of taste so that even the great cook ko kasi can be invited to set up a course on Kota Making, in a local community.

This is to lure us out of the bedside we have been in to avoid our own naked beauty. We can only appreciate each other if we appreciate each other and indulge appropriately: not through vile-bashing steamy kinkiness deep and living.

THE COMMODIFICATION LEAD TO POOR VALUATIONS OF quality of product and quality of life. The product owned and packages: experience captured and enjoyed. I must admit that I never knew the value of truly capturing moments until very recently. But the moment we want to pay by the hour instead of: hours of practice, family and defendants; household upkeep; spiritual connection; and so on — a R150 for a performance is very low, but equivalent to twice the price of a 3D cinematic experience per person. A concert may even have as many price ranges and packages as airline tickets, ranging from R150. And yet beverages and food escalate the cost of course, but that’s also worth innovating attractively — as purported earlier.

My argument is that if anyone is serious about ensuring the culture of a people they should focus on finding ways of enabling real creativity to come out the ride seekers. Creatives feeding off of being ride seekers can climb out of the endorsement lines, silently protesting the making of fables. By charging appropriately and creating spectacular rides ride seekers like families, lovers, friends can indulge their senses in reality — not the poverty of experience.

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